Guess The Amount of Snow for Winter 2017-2018 At Casa De Smolinski

Located on Parr's Ridge in the frozen tundra of northern Carroll County, MD. Contest open for entries until the first measurable snowfall.

Winter 2017-2018 Snowfall Blog

For those who want to play the averages...

Snowfall here has ranged from about 3 or 4 inches, one of those winters many years ago, I forget which one, when we all got basically no snow - my kind of winter! to about 100 inches (I don't have the exact figure, but my recollection matches the NWS snowfall map) during 2009-2010. Maps of average snowfall show 30-36 inches for my area, but I think they do not take into account my microclimate, with somewhat higher elevation.

Previous totals:
2016-2017 22.9" 
2015-2016 43.7" 
2014-2015 44.7" 
2013-2014 78.0"