A Christmas card from… the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The other day a large envelope from the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in the mail, the kind of envelopes they put QSL cards in. I had sent a report a few months ago, but already received that QSL card.

I opened it, and instead of a QSL card… there was a Christmas card:

Some More Old Pirate QSLs

While going through some old books, I found a long lost binder of pirate QSLs. I’ll post several of them over the next few days.

QSL #6 from Channel Z Radio, they have been around quite a while, this is from back when they were first starting, in 2004:

Voice of the Angry Bastard, run by Pigmeat Martin:

Radio Pigmeat Internaltional, also run by Pigmeat:

The legendary pirate station KIPM. Run by Alan Maxwell, who wrote his own SciFi/Suspense themed radio programs.

Radio Al Fansome, Al has been in the radio community forever. He taught Marconi everything he knew:

CRED must have been a Canadian pirate, I have no memory of it. Could have been a once and done station?

WSKY was prolific back in the 90s. 200 watts, probably used a boatanchor transmitter like a Viking?

Oh and here’s another Voice of the Angry Bastard QSL:

15 watts, so probably a Grenade style transmitter.

eQSL for Clandestine Radio Payam-e-Doost via Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr eQSL

   HF Weather Fax     
   For Android     

I received this eQSL in 4 days from the Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr in Moldova for their transmission of Clandestine station Radio Payam-e-Doost which is directed to Iran, along with a short email from Sergey Omelchenko, Technical Director.

The report was emailed to prtc@idknet.com

Nippon no Kaze QSL

Nippon no Kaze is a radio station which transmits from Japan to North Korea, trying to reach Japanese citizens that have been kidnapped by North Korea, and are being held there. It transmits programs of music as well as reading letters from family members. I guess it is considered a Clandestine station.

I received this no data QSL along with a program schedule in 56 days for a report emailed to info@rachi.go.jp