Admiral Wombat

I’ve been running my netSDR almost continuously lately, recording the
6900-7000 kHz 48 meter band. While going through some recordings, I found these two very short transmissions:

6925 kHz USB 2125z October 15, 2011
6930 kHz USB 0004z October 16, 2011

The first transmission begins with “Attention, all bunnies and monkeys, attention, all bunnies and monkeys, this is Admiral Wombat, this is Admiral Wombat.

It is difficult to make out the entire text, this is what I was able to pick out, with a lot of help from Guise Faux:

“Apparently you have been … from your followers. You are weak. The wombat species is strong. We will become the dominant species and have control over the drooling monkey population.”

“Monkeys, come to my side. If you … I will free you from Commander Bunny and I will supply you with all the banana pies you can eat.”

“Submit to me, Commander Bunny, or else.”

“No more rabbit domination. Wombats make their own rules. Monkeys send reception reports to,
Admiral Wombat will control all the monkeys…”

The second transmission is much longer and starts with music, The Wombats circa mid 1980s, and then repeats the spoken text from the first transmission.

I dutifully followed Admiral Wombat’s instructions, and was pleased to receive the following QR Code by return email”

Admiral Wombat QR Code

When decoded, it contained the following text message:

This verifies reception by the famous Chris by the even more famous Admiral Wombat about 1 minute into 10-16-2011 on 6930.

I for one welcome our new wombat overlords.

2 thoughts on “Admiral Wombat

  1. Don’t believe I’ve seen a QR code as a QSL before. Nice.

    Good catch; I’ll have to go back through the audio I recorded in the last few days this weekend and see if there’s anything similar in there.

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