Global Pirate HF Weekend Results So Far

While conditions may not have been spectacular, I was able to hear a lot of stations. All heard with a JRC NRD 545 receiver and my 635 ft sky loop antenna.

Here’s what I’ve heard so far, all loggings reported to the message board.

Stations Heard UTC March 30:
Trans Europe 15020 AM 1420 UTC
Mike Radio 21455 AM 1356 UTC
Fox Radio 6308 USB 0010 UTC

Stations Heard UTC March 31:
Mustang Radio 15000 AM 1115 UTC
Trans Europe Radio 15020 AM 1125 UTC
Rave on Radio 6925 USB 1215 UTC
Radio Underground 15050 USB 1242 UTC
Radio Spaceshuttle 15845 USB 1223 UTC
Radio Underground 15850 USB 1302 UTC
Radio Paranoid 15030 AM 1134 UTC
Baltic Sea Radio 18950 LSB 1346 UTC
Radio Scotland 15060 AM 1400 UTC
Radio Mustang 15020 AM 1415 UTC
Cupid Radio 21460 1435 UTC
Cupid Radio 15070 1523 UTC
Radio True North 21850 AM 1529 UTC
Undercover Radio 15050 AM 1538 UTC
Radio True North 15520 AM 1623 UTC

One thought on “Global Pirate HF Weekend Results So Far

  1. I think there should be a limit on how many euros you can log in one morning – especially since I’m having to work this am!

    Great job on the dx Chris! 🙂

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