Ops may wish to avoid 6950 kHz

I’ve noticed LINK-11 (TADIL – Tactical Digital Information Link) transmissions in the 6940-6950 kHz region the last day or two. Operators may wish to avoid 6950 kHz, and perhaps even 6955 kHz, especially while these transmissions are occurring.

I have no idea where these transmitters are located, but if I had to guess based on propagation characteristics, I’d say maybe Canada or out in the Atlantic.

LINK-11 is operated by the US military. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to interfere with it.

One thought on “Ops may wish to avoid 6950 kHz

  1. The Canadian Air Force has occasionally used 6955 for years as a net frequency. Luckily,their transmissions seem to occur in the early afternoon hours,EST/EDT,and again are rare.

    The LINK-11 transmissions have been common in the frequency range mentioned since at least 9/11/01 and seem to have no set schedule I can discern.

    I’ve always done what Chris suggested,and avoided them.

    IMO, there’s no point in ticking off two government entities,especially one that has the power to send you on a vacation to a cell overlooking lovely Guantanamo Bay w/o due process.

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