New version of SdrDx available, now for Windows also

There’s a new version of SdrDx, the free app for RF Space SDRs (SDR-IQ, SDR-14, netSDR, etc):

This version includes a lot of new features, including recording I/Q data directly to disk, so you can then play it back. Think of it as a VCR. You can, for example, record the entire 43 meter band (6800-7000 kHz or so, depending on your SDR model) and then go back later and run the I/Q recording back through SdrDx again. It’s awesome! Previously I’ve had to run SpectraVue under vmware to do this, now I can do it natively on the Mac.

I use a program I’ve written myself, that reads in the I/Q data file, and plots a waterfall for the entire file. I can then selectively demodulate what signals I want. I can record all of 43 meters overnight, then check in the morning to see who was on, and listen in. I don’t miss anything, nor do I have to choose if there’s two, or even three pirates on at the same time. I can listen to all of them. At some point I may release this for others to use (Mac OS X only) but it’s still pretty crude right now.

There’s lots of other new features and improvements to SdrDx, so if you have an RF Space SDR, go download a copy to try out.

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